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Lack of Oxidation Studies & Other Stories

  A New Paper Supporting Lack of Omega-3 Oxidation Issues Published A new paper confirming that omega-3 supplements in the Australian and New Zealand markets are within oxidation limits and contain the labeled contents of EPA and DHA has been published in Nutrients. The work was funded by the Omega-3 Centre in Australia after a paper from the Liggins Institute […]

Urine Metabolic Acids – The Power of Accuracy

The Organic (Metabolic) acids we all excrete in our urine every day, represent key intermediary compounds of the many internal biochemical pathways underway within the body, as well as the metabolism of many exogenous compounds also. The Citric Acid Cycle (CAC) in the mitochondrion of every cell for example, is comprised of nine organic acids […]

Clostridia Difficile – The Role of Toxin A and B Pathogenicity

There are approximately 100 species of clostridia bacteria that can inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Not all of these clostridia are disease causing, but a certain few can lead to serious illness in susceptible individuals. There are 5 main species of clostridia known to cause disease: Clostridia botulinum, Clostridia perfringens, Clostridia tetani, Clostridia sordellii, […]

Food Intolerance: A Result of Enzyme Insufficiency or Deficiency

PART 1: Food Allergies vs Intolerance by Dr Mamadou, Courtesy of Enzyme Science I often heard people say “I am allergic to this food”  when in fact, in biochemical and medical terms, they are not allergic to that food: they are intolerant to that food. Although many people use the terms food intolerance and food […]

Omega-3 Supplements Questioned in Australian Study

APRIL 2015: Excerpt from GOED Statement Prepared 15 April 2015- A study questioning the benefit of omega-3 supplements has been receiving some press over the last two days in Australia. The articles report on a new study published in Heart, Lung and Circulation, which was initiated by the National Heart Foundation of Australia as part […]

The Power of Porphyrins

Why Choose Porphyrins over Pyrroles? As awareness of their clinical value has increased in recent years, so too has there been much confusion about urinary Pyrroles and Porphyrins. A sound understanding of these is interdependent since a Porphyrin ring is made up of 4 Pyrroles. However in terms of what each can tell a practitioner […]