Women’s Health – An evening with Dr Felice Gersh, Integrative Gynaecologist – SEMINAR

Christchurch – Tuesday, 31st July

Auckland – Wednesday, 1st August

Venues: TBC

Early Bird Pract Price: $65 (plus GST) – ends 6th July 2018
Pract Price: $75 (plus GST)
Student Price: $55 (plus GST)

Registration: 5.30pm
Seminar part 1: 6.00-7.15pm
Dinner: 7.15-8.00pm
Seminar part 2: 8.00-9.15pm
Q&A Session: 9.15-9.30pm

Presented by Dr. Felice Gersh

Part 1 – The Rhythms of Women: Understanding the link between Estrogen, the Circadian Rhythm, and Metabolic Health

All life on Earth evolved to live and thrive on our planet, creating a beautiful synchrony with the movements of our planet and our moon. There has been much research into the relationship of life forms and the 24 hour rotation of Earth on its axis, known as the Circadian Rhythm. The implications for health or disease, depending on the proper functioning of this essential rhythm, are huge. What is rarely spoken of is the critical relationship of estrogen and the Master Clock, located atop the optic nerve, in the hypothalamus. Recognizing the need for estrogen to be present in correct amounts and at the right time, to enable proper function of the Master Clock to do its job of regulating all of the peripheral clocks of the body, is key to understanding the establishment and maintenance of metabolic homeostasis.

This lecture will explore the foundational understandings of the Circadian Rhythm, and of the role played by estrogen in maintaining its proper functioning. The role of peripheral clocks, particularly of the liver and of the gut microbiome, will be explained, and the benefits of specific nutritional therapy, time restricted eating, intermittent fasting, and specific nutraceuticals will be presented so as to enable all attendees to implement effective protocols to facilitate their women patients achieving and maintaining metabolic health.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the rhythms of all life forms on Earth, and the purpose for the rhythms – to optimize survival and successful reproduction
  2. Recognize the critical importance of a healthy Circadian Rhythm and its relationship with metabolic homeostasis, reproductive success, and enhanced survival
  3. Learn how estrogen and the Circadian Rhythm are linked and of the major role played by estrogen and the maintenance of the Master Clock
  4. Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote the proper functioning of the Master Clock in your women patients, who are all ultimately faced with the loss of ovarian estrogen production with the onset of menopause, and with exposures to the ubiquitous endocrine disruptors now enveloping us all
  5. Acquire protocols to maintain a properly functioning Circadian Rhythm through application of nutritional medicine, time restricted eating, fasting, and nutritional supplementation

Part 2 – Women, Hearts, and Hormones:  New understandings of the foundations of female cardiovascular health and the impact of menopause

The proper functioning of the cardiovascular system is clearly foundational to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy woman. Cardiovascular events remain the number one cause of female mortality, with rates rapidly matching, and even surpassing those of men, following the inevitable arrival of menopause. The obvious relationship of menopause and the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease is not emphasized as it should be, as the momentous loss of ovarian estrogen production which occurs in all women is predominantly focused on the discomfort of hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and the evolution of osteoporosis and fractures. But the great impact of menopause and estrogen loss on the cardiovascular system cannot be understated – it is highly significant.
This lecture will explain the impact of estrogen on the health and function of all of the structures related to cardiovascular function – the myocardium, mitochondria, the cardiac electrical system, all aspects of the vasculature, immune cells, the gut microbiome and gut integrity, and even the Master Clock regulating the Circadian Rhythm. The critical role of nitric oxide on arterial endothelial health and on the myocardium will be reviewed and management of reduced levels of nitric oxide will be presented, including both nutritional therapies and supplement use.

The impact and consequences ensuing from the loss of estrogen with the menopause will be covered, and practical solutions will be presented, assisting every doctor to optimize the cardiovascular and metabolic wellbeing of their menopausal patients, including the use of hormonal therapy, lifestyle medicine, and effective supplementation.

Learning Objectives:

  1.  Understand the surprising link between reproduction and cardiometabolic health, recognizing the profound and enduring role of estrogen
  2. Recognize the impact of estrogen directly and indirectly on all cardiovascular structures, and the profound implications of menopause on female cardiovascular wellbeing
  3. Understand the relationship of estrogen, the gut, the immune system, and the Circadian Rhythm and how they interact to impact female cardiometabolic status. Review the critical importance of nitric oxide and its relations to cardiovascular health.
  4. Learn how to implement effective strategies to help menopausal women maintain cardiovascular wellness and metabolic homeostasis, through the application of hormonal therapy, nutritional medicine, time restricted eating, stress reduction, sleep quality, and efficacious supplementation