Free Practitioner-Only Webinar

Friday 18 September, 12 – 1 pm NZST / 10 – 11 am AEST

We all know people who can eat virtually anything and not gain weight.

We typically credit those features to the person having a “fast metabolism”. This implies that they simply burn more calories just walking around, sitting, sleeping, and doing daily activities. With the recent advancement in microbiology, we now have a different perspective on what controls body weight. This talk will focus on the latest research demonstrating the role that gut bacteria play in determining body composition and chronic disease risk as well as discuss strategies for modulating or reconditioning the gut microbiome in favour of a lean body and a healthy microbiome.

 Topics Covered: 

  • How the gut microbiome can directly impact metabolic processes
  • The connection between dysbiosis and unwanted weight gain
  • Practical and actionable changes that can improve the gut microbiome and support a healthy metabolism

This is a practitioner-only event. You must be a FxMed account holder to access the webinar recording via our Education Portal.