Precision Analytical DUTCH Testing

Key Advantages

  • Easiest patient collection – patients collect 4-5 dried urine samples over 24 hours.
  • Does not require blood draws, spitting into tubes or filling up urine containers.
  • Provides the most comprehensive cortisol analysis- Measuring ‘free cortisol’ (bioavailable cortisol) AND ‘cortisol metabolites’ (the actual production of cortisol by the adrenal glands).
  • ‘Free cortisol’ is only 1% of cortisol whereas cortisol metabolites represent 80% of total cortisol production.
  • Measures melatonin and DHEA.


The DUTCH adrenal hormone test is comparable to a Saliva test in that they both reveal levels of free cortisol.

However, the DUTCH model also provides the amount of cortisol metabolites (how much cortisol the adrenal glands are producing). Some patients may present with low free cortisol and high cortisol metabolites which means their production is high. However, the clearance of cortisol may be up-regulated making the free cortisol levels go down. Both measurements are required to show total cortisol production.

Analytical and Clinical Validation:
All Precision Analytical testing methods go through a rigorous and on going validation process to verify accuracy, precision, recovery, linearity, etc. in the pursuit of the most accurate and precise techniques available for hormone testing. Cortisol, cortisone and related metabolites are tested by LC-MS/MS. This method shows increased accuracy over the standard immunoassays used in typical serum and saliva testing.

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