Key Advantages

  • Measures organic acids in urine
  • Test is run via GC / MS


The DOWNSTREAM metabolites of numerous biochemical processes in the body, excreted into urine can provide invaluable insights into the inner functioning of the entire body. Often indicating excesses, dysfunctions, deficiencies and therefore also the treatment strategies that might address them.

This test provides a broad metabolic ‘snapshot’ of an individual. It can reveal unique information about what’s going on within the body from a cellular metabolic and nutritional stand point.

Specifically, the insufficiency of nutrient cofactors (vitamins and minerals) as well as the pathways that are most up- or down-regulated as a consequence of any such imbalances, toxins, genetics or other obstructive factors. These indications then provide a unique set of opportunities for more detailed and tailored treatment regimes.

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