Post Holiday Detox

Written by February 2017 Phoebe Wynne-Lewis, BHSc, Dip Nat Med, Dip Herb Med – FxMed Technical Support

With the Festive blow-out over, our bodies are begging us to detox and regain their health & vitality.

On the first day of Christmas, the buffet gave to us: four slices of ham, three servings of new potatoes, two helpings of turkey and one large plate of Christmas pudding, plus the bottle of wine to wash it all down! Christmas is often a time to cut loose with our diet and indulge, but all that excessive eating, drinking and partying comes with a cost. It can leave us feeling sluggish, tired (and often) a couple of kilos heavier. We have most likely all tried to be virtuous during the festive season, but lost the diet halo in a wave of overindulgence.
After the festive season is done and dusted and the opportunity for indulgence is over, it’s time to detox and regain our health and vitality.

Tips to Detox Major Organs


These filter the excess protein that’s stockpiled when we consume copious amounts of turkey and ham. A glass of low-sugar cranberry juice each day may help as it is a powerful healing tonic filled with quinine which removes toxic build-ups in the prostate gland, bladder and kidneys. Cranberry will also increase our levels of good cholesterol and help to mobilise fat cells which, in turn, will help to banish extra weight around the belly. The body is made up of 70% water and needs around 6-8 glasses a day to keep it hydrated and help the kidneys flush out toxins.


This tireless percolator filters our blood, removing drugs, toxins, fats and fat-soluble waste, and disposes of these substances by depositing them in newly created bile. Liver herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion can enhance liver function, stimulating liver cells to divide, helping provide new cells to replace injured ones and potentially help the liver recover from injury or toxic overload. Liver supportive foods such as beets, carrots, artichokes, garlic, leafy greens, avocados, apples, grapefruit and olive oil can help activate liver enzymes that help the body flush out toxins.


A fork heavy with meat and potatoes can affect digestion and worsen flatulence and constipation issues. When constipated, the waste in our intestines starts to grow toxins, which get distributed throughout our body. Eating a cup and a half of the foods richest in fibre each day, will help to bind with the body’s waste products and move them through proper channels. A good quality multi-strain probiotic will help re-balance the delicate micro-flora in the gut.


Being one of the hardest-working organs in our body means the brain produces free radicals, which need to be mopped up with antioxidants. If you want a haze-free memory, reach for a handful of nuts each day. A recent study by the US Department of Agriculture found that pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts have the highest number of antioxidants among all of the nut varieties. It will also provide a helping of muscle-building protein and omega-3, which is proven to improve brain function.


To purge the excesses of the party season, it is important to focus on the internal detoxification system: the colon, the kidneys & the liver while repairing any damage to the gut wall and re-balancing the delicate micro-flora. Providing a Practitioner Only Programme or products that you trust for efficacy and quality ensures you know exactly what your patients are taking rather than letting them self medicate on the latest and greatest detox product that may be doing them more harm than good.