13 September 2017

NZST: Live at 12:00-1:30pm, Replay at 5:00pm
AEST: Live at 10:00-11:30am, Replay at 3:00pm

HPA Axis Dysfunction in Chronic Disease Management FREE Webinar

Presented by Dr. Kamal Karl

Patients presenting with Depression, IBS, Arthritis, Fatigue are all connected to HPA Axis Dysfunction with links to various biological systems and glands.

In this presentation, Dr Karl will broaden the conversation beyond the out dated model of Adrenal Fatigue. He will examine the key body systems and their mutually dependent drivers with complex interrelationships. The webinar will provide a pathway to practical and successful treatment protocols aimed at restoring homeostasis and improving physiologic function.

Dr. Karl practices in Napier and Auckland, New Zealand. He has obtained post-graduate qualifications in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine as well as in Cosmetic and Anti-aging Medicine. He is currently an Executive Board Member of ACNEM. The Wellness Centre specialises in treating chronic illnesses by recognising every individual’s biochemical uniqueness to tailor personalised treatment plans using diet and natural supplements along with hormone optimization for prevention, treatment and enhancement of health.