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Tauranga Tuesday 10th March   •   Nelson Wednesday 11th March
Part One – The Research by Kiran Krishnan

This talk draws upon a decade’s worth of microbiome research and review of literature to equip you with a better understanding.

  • Learn about the most common dysfunctions of the gut that drives most chronic illnesses we face.
  • Learn about the most effective solutions to address these dysfunctions.
  • Learn how seemingly unrelated disorders can have the same etiology.
Part Two – Clinical Findings by Dr Tom Bayne

This talk discusses the many gut-healing programs available to practitioners, which are often incomplete and ineffective.

  • Learn that healing the gut is a multifactorial process that requires several layers of therapy in order to achieve total gut restoration.
  • Find out how you can use Microbiome Labs products to individualise treatment based upon patient history and symptoms.

Exciting new GI360™ Test from Doctor’s Data

Introducing the NEW most clinically relevant GI360 Profile offering extensive assessment of the gastrointestinal microbiome – giving you the complete picture in just one test!

Backed by 50 peer reviewed papers, use this powerful test to profile the microbiome and compare results to a published normobiotic reference population.

  • Identify microbiome diversity to support diagnosis and guide selection of treatment.
  • Identify risk profiles for major diseases and chronic conditions.

G1360 Profile includes:

  • PCR Analysis for the Abundance and Diversity of Key Bacterial Populations of the GI Microbiome
  • PCR Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites
  • Comprehensive Parasitology by Microscopy
  • MALDI-TOF ID of Cultured Bacteria and Yeast
  • Broad Range of Stool Chemistry Markers
  • Standardized Susceptibility Testing of Isolated Bacteria and Yeast

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