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Looking back

How it all

It all started in the year 1999 when two brothers, Dr. Kamal Karl, and Amal Karl, identified a need for New Zealand practitioners to have access to high quality supplements and functional testing services – those that were already being used by leading integrative practitioners in the US and Europe. 

Kamal was a functional medicine practitioner, while Amal had a background in Management & International business.   They shared the belief that integrative medicine was a powerful health paradigm to treat chronic health conditions and patients who had found limited solace through mainstream medicine.

The success stories they received of patients who had benefitted from using the products drove them to continue their global search to bring in cutting-edge nutritional brands and functional diagnostics that enable practitioners to establish the root cause of the disease process.

During this time, FxMed began its quest to be a leader in education by partnering with overseas experts and key opinion leaders to share their knowledge, empowering and inspiring practitioners in New Zealand. And, before long, word had spread across the Tasman and Australian practitioners were now a part of FxMed’s ever-increasing client base.

Fast forward to 2024

Even today our mission remains the same

While the business grew, the mission remained the same – to source only the most evidence-based, clinically efficacious supplements and functional tests.

What was once seen as fringe medicine, has now become an increasingly popular field, supported by scientific evidence and sought after by practitioners and patients alike. Functional Medicine continues to explore health frontiers with practitioners using Environmental, Genetic and Microbiome testing to get a better understanding of their patient’s health. The goal of our practitioners is to join the interconnectedness between a myriad of factors that ultimately express in wellness or disease.

Two decades later, FxMed remains a family-owned business comprising of a passionate and dedicated team with a shared vision of assisting healthcare practitioners deliver holistic care for their clients. We have strong representation in our team of Naturopaths and Nutritionists who actively support our practitioners in their learning, and keep them up to date with the latest science.