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Important Dates for Christmas and New Year

Please do not send samples that could possibly be received after these specified dates: 

Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly Great Plains Laboratory): Tuesday 5 December

All other US Labs: Tuesday 12 December

Testing Resumes: Week starting 15 January 2024. Please don’t courier samples before this date.

Auckland Gut Clinic (SIBO Breath Testing): Monday 18 December

Testing Resumes: Wednesday 3 January 2024. Please don’t courier samples before this date.

Accessing Practitioner Resources

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Getting it right the first time

 Important tips for returning samples

  • Ensure handwriting is legible and forms are completed in full.
  • Names written on collection samples must match names written on the form (e.g. abbreviations, middle names and initials), must be identical in all fields.
  • Please ensure sample is tightly closed; if the sample leaks in transit it will need to be resubmitted (and thus results will be delayed).
  • Please ensure correct amount of sample is collected as per instructions (no more or less than as requested).
  • Please ensure you put samples back into the supplied specimen bags and then back into the shipping box before placing in the courier bag. 

Please note 

  • All samples must be couriered to our office. We cannot accept samples delivered any other way
  • If as a patient you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, please wait until you are feeling better before collecting your sample or visiting the laboratory


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns on

Introduction to Functional Testing

Libby de Franco, takes a deep dive into functional testing options available and where they might support you in the clinic.

Quick overview

3.45: Doctors Data GI360 – a stool test that looks at the microbiome abundance and gut function. 

19.35: Food Antigen Testing (a couple of options covered) – looks at food reactions and the inflammation they cause and how that can affect our body function. 

35.40: Precision Analytical DUTCH Test – looks at hormones (both sex & stress). 

49.20: Great Plains Laboratory Organic Acids Test – looks at metabolism and the overall function of the body. 

Functional Testing – Identify and Treat the Cause

Thanks to Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) for granting us permission to use this recording.