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The cGP Lab is a New Zealand company that manufactures and distributes the world’s only patented, standardised, natural food-based supplement that is proven to restore the body’s natural production of cGP (cyclic Glycine Proline), a molecule identified as critical for healthy ageing and wellbeing.
Vascular Support

Supports blood vessel regeneration and for blood flow.

Brain Health

Supports neural circulation for total brain function.


Developed to support long-term focus and attention span.

Mental Clarity

Designed to support clearer thinking, memory and alertness.

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Dr Jian Guan (Chief Scientist, The cGP Lab) has spent the past 30 years of her life researching and understanding our hero molecule cGP. Her world leading research has led to the discovery of how cGP kickstarts the process of growing blood vessels and restore blood circulation, keeping cells in the ageing brain healthy and functioning well.
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