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fxmed hosted webinars 2024

Methylation Masterclass Series

Practitioner only event | Free

Part 1 – Understanding methylation & nutritional co-factors

Part 2 – Folates and gene-nutrient interactions within the methylation cycle

Part 3 – Practical applications, clinical assessment and
management with personalised nutrition
Friday 26 April 2024 | 12–1:30pm NZST / 10–11:30am AEST

Final session includes live Q&A with Dr Denise Furness.

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cGP and its Involvement with Microcirculation and Nerve Functions

Practitioner only event | Free

cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) is an endogenous molecule that plays a key role in making small blood vessels. Around the age of 45, the body’s production of cGP is no longer sufficient to the body’s needs. In addition, low levels of cGP correlate with cognitive decline associated with age and neurodegenerative diseases.

Learn the function and importance of cGP in relation to healthy blood vessels and in maintaining the function of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1), a hormone essential for maintaining microcirculation and organ function. IGF-1 function declines with age and to maintain IGF-1 function our body needs cGP. This allows for rebuilding capillary networks around organs.

The webinar will also cover research on cGP and its promising role in metabolic disorders.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how the discovery of natural cGP from foods lead to the nutraceutical development of an oral cGP supplement
  • Understand the unique pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of natural cGP
  • Discover the mechanism of natural cGP in regulating, not over stimulating, or inhibiting IGF-1 function
  • Learn how cGP regenerates and revitalises healthy blood vessels to better protect from age-related decline

Recurrent miscarriage and unexplained infertility

NZ Practitioner only event | Free

Carolyn Ledowsky will discuss recurrent miscarriage and unexplained infertility. Join us as we delve into the crucial question: Does the form and dose of folate truly make a difference? Carolyn will share valuable insights from her current PhD project as to how we should optimise folate intake for fertility and pregnancy health. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable knowledge and empower yourself to feel confident in your support of these couples.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand differences in folate types
  • Understanding if MTHFR really matters
  • Understand issues with current prescribing practices
  • Learn key dosages for different presentations

Functional Testing Webinars – NZ Practitioners only

Functional Testing – Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 2024

Practitioner only event

Join us for these FREE lunchtime screenings!

Register once for the webinar series – a reminder email will be sent out prior to each webinar.

See each session mentioned below for more information.


Session 2: The Neurotransmitter Connection to Stress - Case Studies and Clinical Applications

Presented by Dr Scott Theirl, DC (Doctors Data)

Thursday 9 May | | 12 – 1pm NZDT

Case studies are always a great opportunity to solidify clinical applications. Responses to stress vary patient by patient. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiousness, depressive episodes, poor attention, increased pain, GI distress, and weight gain are some of the most common presentations to our offices. Looking for common threads is crucial to supporting patients on their road to health. The nervous system uses neurotransmitters all day, everyday, and stress places an increased demand on these neurotransmitter systems. Join Dr Scott Theirl as he discusses why neurotransmitters, along with hormones such as cortisol, are key to understanding your patients stress responses and symptoms. The basic concepts involved in neurotransmitter interpretation will be reviewed. Case studies will then be utilised to personalise therapeutic recommendations.

  • Session 3:  DUTCH: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 13 June | 12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 4:  KBMO: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 11 July | 12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 5:  KBMO: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 15 August | 12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 6:  KBMO: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 12 September | 12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 7:  DNALife: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 10 October |12 – 1pm NZDT 
  • Session 8:  Precision Analytical: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 7 November |12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 9:  Doctors Data: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 5 December | 12 – 1pm NZDT

Brand Partner Events

Phytoestrogens as Dietary Modulators of Female Health

Practitioner-only event | Free

In this free practitioner-only webinar, Dr Mariana Buksov analyses the effects of environmental and dietary phytoestrogens on female hormone balance. Within this, she covers the classification, pharmacology and clinical relevance of phytoestrogens including soy, black cohosh, hops, kudzu, licorice, fenugreek and vitex. The debate surrounding soy and women’s hormones is also touched upon.


Industry Events

Topical issues in environmental health

Practitioner only event

Join Dr Dwan Vilcins as she takes a deep dive into an issue that affects us all – Environmental Health. The information presented will span air pollution exposure in the home, how climate change will interact with environmental exposures, and the external exposure to internal pathways relevant to clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • The home environment is frequently a major site of air pollution exposure, and every day activities can dramatically affect our air quality
  • Children are at increased risk of environmental exposure
  • Climate change is expected to worsen many environmental hazards, and some interventions need careful planning as they can create additional risk
  • Research is underway to explore the internal pathways that mediate adverse effects, and complementary medicine practitioners have a role in addressing these

Cost: $46 AUD for members – $62 AUD for non-members – $31 AUD Student Members

Mastering Metabolism: Optimising Blood Sugar Control, Body Composition, and Longevity

Practitioner only event

Topics included:

  • Which Mechanisms Matter Most?
    Exploring the key metabolic mechanisms that determine our health, function and life span.
  • Metabolic Complications
    What goes wrong? (Adiposity, PCOS, CVD, Cognitive Decline, etc.)
  • How Is Metabolic Health Assessed?
    Gaining metabolic insights from common clinical lab tests.
  • Conventional Treatments
    Analysing the safety, efficacy and implications of conventional metabolic treatments.
  • Developing Powerful Prescriptions
    Discover novel and effective natural strategies for supporting optimum metabolism and ageing.

What Will Be Covered?
An overview of the key processes that influence the aging of tissues and cells, contribute to balance of muscle and fat mass, determine the functional performance and capacity of both body and mind over time, and support healthy hormone balance and fertility.

Common clinical conditions relevant to this discussion:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Central Adiposity
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • PCOS & Reduced Fertility
  • Immune / Inflammatory Conditions
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Accelerated Ageing
  • Cognitive Decline
    and many more

A variety of natural treatment strategies now exist to help support optimum metabolic function and slow the rate of age-related degeneration.

This discussion will seek to identify some of the most potent and exciting clinical compounds available only to health practitioners (to augment the existing diet and lifestyle advice commonly given in relation to these widespread health concerns), to help ensure a broad and diverse clinical tool kit that provides maximum efficacy and support.

Investment: $25 AUD


Herbal Medicine Summit 2024

Plant Stories: Notes from the Path

Practitioner only event

Join us on 25 & 26 May for a weekend of deep wisdom and clinical pearls offered by the very best in the profession delivering a program carefully curated by the NHAA. It will be a time of connection and community with friends, associates and mentors with plenty of opportunities for enjoying incredible natural surrounds built right into the program.

Get in quick pricing starting at $505

FxMed is proud to be an exhibitor

Revealing the Root Cause Drivers in Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Low Testosterone in Men

Practitioner Only

Cardiometabolic syndrome comprises some of the most prevalent chronic illnesses plaguing men over 35 years old and the incidence rates are increasing in the developed world. It is imperative that we identify and mitigate the root cause drivers of cardiometabolic diseases and recent discoveries, from human microbiome studies, suggests that the microbiome may play a causal role in the onset and progression of numerous conditions under this umbrella. If the microbiome is a key driver, it signifies that an ecological problem is at the root and that the ecosystem could be modulated to dramatically reduce risk.

This lecture will outline the role of the microbiome in the onset and progression of cardiometabolic syndrome and low testosterone in men and will discuss mitigating strategies that can easily be incorporated into practice.

Join Kiran Krishnan in ‘Revealing the Root Cause Drivers in Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Low Testosterone in Men’.

Proudly sponsored by FxMed

$39.95 AUD  |  Use the coupon code ‘FXMED20’ to receive 20% off!

Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program

Practitioner Only – 12 Months Program
Developed by Dr Denise Furness, this Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program is designed to help you heal your body naturally so you can live a truly healthy life without medications or surgery.
The program is backed by science and is based on Denise’s own healing journey from Graves disease as well as her experience with hundreds of women suffering from thyroid imbalance, autoimmune and chronic conditions. This is a personalized program that offers 1 -1 coaching with Denise and her team of experts.

Interprofessional Communications Course

Practitioner only

The overarching objective of this online training in interprofessional communication is to equip naturopaths* with the background knowledge, framework, and skills for writing formal letters to medical doctors.

*Whilst the course has been designed by naturopaths for naturopaths, many of the principles have broader applications and the course is open to all types of Complementary Medicine – Health Care Practitioners (CM-HCP).

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the standard ISBAR structure used by health professionals in health communication
  • Apply ISBAR structure to written communication
  • Differentiate concise and effective written information for integrated patient care
  • Construct effective written requests for medical investigations
  • Support safe complementary medicine health care practice by effectively obtaining medical review of high-risk clinical presentations (red flags)
Course duration

Approximately 4 hours in total.