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fxmed hosted webinars 2024

Research on Glycocalyx Regeneration and Nitric Oxide

Expanding the supplement toolbox with cardiovascular support

Practitioner only event | Free

Vascular dysfunction is prevalent and increases with age. There are implications not just for the heart, but for every organ and system. This talk highlights three interconnected upstream factors for wellness plans:

  1. The foundational role of the inner lining of the blood vessel health
  2. Why endothelial glycocalyx support and nitric oxide support are synergistic
  3. How to evaluate the individuals who may need vascular-focused dietary supplementation as part of their wellness plan

Expert clinician Dr DeSilva will describe the science and research behind centering vascular support in wellness plans, as well as the top 2 dietary supplements he uses and why.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate evidence for the glycocalyx-regenerating compound rhamnan sulfate from Monostroma nitidum
  • Review why endothelial glycocalyx support and nitric oxide support are synergistic
  • Evaluate the individuals who may need vascular-focused dietary supplementation as part of their wellness plan

PANS/PANDAS – A Clinical Approach

Practitioner only event | Free

PANDAS and PANS are creating a paradigm shift in the mental health landscape as we begin to understand that immune activity in the body affects the brain and its function.

They are neuroimmune conditions in which infectious and/or environmental triggers initiate an autoimmune response in the brain, primarily in the basal ganglia, thereby affecting a child’s behaviour.

The Core 4 of a functional medicine approach to PANS/PANDAS will be discussed, including how to set the foundation of a treatment protocol around “botanical avatars” for PANS/PANDAS.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify the most common infectious and/or environmental agents preceding the onset of PANDAS or PANS symptoms
  • To gain an understanding of the mechanisms of injury to the brain from the infectious and/or environmental triggers
  • How the mechanisms to injury relate to the observed symptoms and behaviour changes in a child
  • To learn emerging treatments that may be used to address the causes contributing to the neuroinflammation and changes in neurochemistry, immunity, and the gut microbiome

Inflammation Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 2024

Practitioner only event | Free

Inflammation is an underlying factor in many of the health concerns our patients struggle with today. From seemingly unrelated conditions such as ligament damage, long COVID, and migraine, we find that assessing and addressing their inflammation levels can often be the best approach to supporting their health goals – and is an approach clinically supported by research.

In this 4-part webinar series, Dr Clark will discuss four areas that share similar treatment approaches and explain how to assess when the dysfunction is most closely associated with inflammation. Register now to learn about the latest research to support inflammatory health and disease states, including protocols, timelines and patient resources.

Part 1: Beyond Inflammation: Clinical Approaches to Joint and Tendon Health and Repair
Available on FxLearn

Part 2: Endothelial Inflammation: Strategies for Long COVID and Cardiovascular Wellness
23 July 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST)

Part 3: Inflammation Insights: Understanding Root Causes of Headaches and Migraines
20 August 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST)

Part 4: Navigating Nerve Health: Research-Based Approaches to Inflammation and Neuropathies
17 September 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST)

Functional Testing Webinars – NZ Practitioners only

Functional Testing – Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 2024

Practitioner only event

Join us for these FREE lunchtime screenings!

Register once for the webinar series – a reminder email will be sent out prior to each webinar.

See each session mentioned below for more information.


Session 5: Assessing the Gut Barrier Function and Addressing Intestinal Permeability

Presented by Dr Kristi J. Morlan-Hughes, ND (KBMO)

Thursday 15 August  | 12 – 1pm NZDT

Dr Kristi discusses the unique resources within KBMO, when you might consider using a FIT test, what the Gut Barrier Panel covers and how to determine to what degree the gut barrier and microbiota is involved in the patients’ clinical condition. She discusses key biomarkers of intestinal permeability and how the tracking of these can help identify severity, progression and track a patient’s progress through to potential recovery.

  • Session 6:  Doctor’s Data: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 12 September | 12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 7:  DNALife: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 10 October |12 – 1pm NZDT 
  • Session 8:  Mosaic Diagnostics: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 7 November |12 – 1pm NZDT
  • Session 9:  Precision Analytical: Topic to be advised
    • Thursday 5 December | 12 – 1pm NZDT

Brand Partner Events

Breaking New Ground: Advanced Techniques For Fertility And Miscarriage

Empower Your Clients & Lead the Way in Fertility Solutions

Practitioner-only event

Spend two powerful days in Sydney with renowned MTHFR and Fertility expert Carolyn Ledowsky and her team, diving deep into the world of genetics and its impact on fertility and miscarriage prevention. This hands-on workshop is designed for health practitioners dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of those facing infertility challenges.

Understand the latest research and key genetic SNPs affecting fertility, learn groundbreaking techniques, and gain the tools and knowledge to enhance your practice. It’s time to transform your approach, empower your clients, and pioneer holistic fertility solutions.

  • Confidently address fertility issues using genomics and holistic treatment plans
  • Understand the critical genetic factors influencing reproductive health
  • Acquire skills to identify and develop tailored treatment plans


Early Release Tickets until July 23rd: $725 AUD (usually $997)




Discovering the Power of the Organic Acids Test: A One-Day Seminar on OAT Fundamentals

Practitioner-only event | From $99USD

Join live online on September 27th for Discovering the Power of the Organic Acids Test.

By signing up for this seminar, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding the fundamentals of the Organic Acids Test, covering topics like OAT interpretation, clinical application, and applying disease conditions and OAT patterns. Our seminars are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to enhance your practice and provide better care to your patients.


Industry Events

Practitioner Only Event

Join ACNEM for their Annual Conference: The Interplay Between Longevity and Autoimmunity.

This immersive experience brings together renowned experts to explore the latest research in longevity and autoimmunity. 

In pre-disposed individuals, immune ageing can lead to frank autoimmune disease, manifesting with chronic inflammation and irreversible tissue damage. Emerging data support the concept that autoimmunity results from ageing-induced failure of fundamental cellular processes, genomic instability, loss of mitochondrial fitness, failing proteostasis, dwindling lysosomal degradation and inefficient autophagy. 

The conference shines a spotlight on the underlying mechanisms of both autoimmunity and longevity. Many of the dietary and lifestyle interventions and evidence-based treatment protocols designed to prevent and reverse autoimmunity are the same approaches used to enhance longevity. 

Proudly sponsored by FxMed

Visit the conference page for pricing and further information. 

Herbal treatment for recovering from post viral syndrome

Practitioner Only

Post Viral syndrome or Chronic Fatigue is the most common overwhelm of the human body. Today we are calling it Long Covid. In this webinar Linda will explore why this so and give you guidance on how to use herbs to restore people and why herbs are so important. Linda will also offer insights into how the case history can give you important clues on how to start rebuilding your patient and how long it might take.

Key take-aways:

  • How long it takes for herbs to restore systems and functions
  • The five most important questions to ask your patient regularly to check on progress
  • The three most important systems to keep on supporting in each mix


Cost:  $49 AUD for members – $65 AUD for non-members – $35 AUD Student Members

Revealing the Root Cause Drivers in Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Low Testosterone in Men

Practitioner Only

Cardiometabolic syndrome comprises some of the most prevalent chronic illnesses plaguing men over 35 years old and the incidence rates are increasing in the developed world. It is imperative that we identify and mitigate the root cause drivers of cardiometabolic diseases and recent discoveries, from human microbiome studies, suggests that the microbiome may play a causal role in the onset and progression of numerous conditions under this umbrella. If the microbiome is a key driver, it signifies that an ecological problem is at the root and that the ecosystem could be modulated to dramatically reduce risk.

This lecture will outline the role of the microbiome in the onset and progression of cardiometabolic syndrome and low testosterone in men and will discuss mitigating strategies that can easily be incorporated into practice.

Join Kiran Krishnan in ‘Revealing the Root Cause Drivers in Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Low Testosterone in Men’.

Proudly sponsored by FxMed

$39.95 AUD  |  Use the coupon code ‘FXMED20’ to receive 20% off!

Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program

Practitioner Only – 12 Months Program
Developed by Dr Denise Furness, this Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program is designed to help you heal your body naturally so you can live a truly healthy life without medications or surgery.
The program is backed by science and is based on Denise’s own healing journey from Graves disease as well as her experience with hundreds of women suffering from thyroid imbalance, autoimmune and chronic conditions. This is a personalized program that offers 1 -1 coaching with Denise and her team of experts.

Interprofessional Communications Course

Practitioner only

The overarching objective of this online training in interprofessional communication is to equip naturopaths* with the background knowledge, framework, and skills for writing formal letters to medical doctors.

*Whilst the course has been designed by naturopaths for naturopaths, many of the principles have broader applications and the course is open to all types of Complementary Medicine – Health Care Practitioners (CM-HCP).

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the standard ISBAR structure used by health professionals in health communication
  • Apply ISBAR structure to written communication
  • Differentiate concise and effective written information for integrated patient care
  • Construct effective written requests for medical investigations
  • Support safe complementary medicine health care practice by effectively obtaining medical review of high-risk clinical presentations (red flags)
Course duration

Approximately 4 hours in total.