Better Absorption. Better Results.

Coromega is a trusted brand offering innovative and high-quality nutritional supplements that help support a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 1999, Coromega’s primary focus is to create supplements that are easy to take, enjoyable to consume, and backed by scientific research. To achieve this, Coromega uses a proprietary emulsification process to deliver supplements in a enjoyable, squeezable packet that offers superior absorption and convenience.

With a broad range of products that includes Omega-3 supplements for adults, pets, and kids, Coromega offers something for everyone looking for a simple and effective way to support their overall wellness.

Coromega ensures that all of its products are safe and effective, giving customers peace of mind whether they’re athletes, health enthusiasts, or just looking to improve their overall well-being.


It all started with a little girl in Norway

Coromega’s story begins in 1980, Norway! A scientist we call Grandpa Johan was worried for his granddaughter, Monica, who refused to take her fish oil because of the pill size, fishy taste, and unpleasant burps that follow.

Grandpa Johan set out to fix this by creating the first-ever emulsified form of fish oil that was not only effective but also delicious!

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