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Unveiling the Glycocalyx: A Key to Cardiovascular Support 

Discover the vital role of the glycocalyx in supporting the health of your arteries and heart. This video from Dr Derrick DeSilva explains how the glycocalyx functions as a protective barrier, allowing the blood to flow without impacting the inner wall of the blood vessels. Learn how special nutrients can help support and maintain a healthy glycocalyx, promoting overall cardiovascular well-being. 

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Research on Nitric Oxide

A wide range of research and papers of interest focused on nitric oxide and the vascular system.

Research on the Endothelial Glycocalyx

Comprehensive research and papers of interest focused on the endothelial glycocalyx, the fragile inner lining of the entire vascular system.

Research on Rhamnan Sulfate
from Monostroma nitidum

Comprehensive research and papers of interest focused on rhamnan sulfate from the rare green seaweed Monostroma nitidum


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