TruDiagnostic's™ Mission
To help people understand, access, and benefit from their epigenome. We also research & develop epigenetic analysis methods in the effort to create new methylation-based medical diagnostic tools.

Core Values

Science First

TruDiagnostic is built by scientists, so all of our decisions are made with real evidence and real research. We only ever use proven processes and are committed to the high standards that allow us to be a trusted source of epigenetic information.

Aim Big

We want to revolutionize the Health and Aging industry. Biological Aging is only the first step. Our R&D team is working to create tools that look at specific methylation to detect changing disease risk. We’re already running clinical trials with products that claim to reduce aging, to see if they’re really as effective as they say they are. We’re working with universities to create new methods of epigenetic identification, and with top scientists from around the world to find new ways to re-examine our existing data.


Epigenetics is a pretty new field. ‘Health’ and ‘Aging’ are used as buzzwords for a lot of pseudoscience, but they’re also real and important concepts in the human effort to lengthen our lifespans and improve long-term quality of life. We want to help educate the public about how habits and choices can change you at the epigenetic level, and how you have more control over your general health than most assume.

Never Settle

‘Close Enough’ is never good enough. We want to deliver the most accurate, most comprehensive epigenetic analysis that we can, without compromise. That’s why we use whole blood instead of the less-studied saliva or urine sample types. Accuracy is more important than ‘It’s easy to collect.’

Team Culture

The wellbeing of our company depends on the wellbeing of our employees. We support each other, and learn from each other’s diverse experiences. We want to foster a positive, collaborative environment with plenty of opportunity to grow.

Thought Leaders and
Advisory Board

Developing leading-edge services has always been in TruDiagnostic’s DNA. Their Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance for scientific programs and research. They also help by double-checking work and ensuring TruDiagnostic keep their methods up to the highest standards.

This team is composed of Medical Doctors and Ph.D.s who specialise in Epigenetics and Aging.

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