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Weds 7th June 2017

Evening Seminar

The Role of Nitric Oxide in the Management of Hypertension, Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease Seminar 2017

Dates and Location:
Wed, 7th June – Heritage Hotel, Auckland (35 Hobson St, Auckland)

Parking: For parking options click here

Times: 5:30 – 9:30pm (includes Dinner, Seminar and Q & A).

Investment (excl. GST):
• Regular Practitioner: $65
• Regular Student: $45

(General registrations close Tuesday 6th June)

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about nitric oxide biochemistry and physiology.
  • Understand how loss of NO production leads to sexual dysfunction and increased risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women.
  • How to recognize NO deficiency in patients before onset and presentation of disease or symptoms.
  • Application of evidence based strategies to enhance and restore NO production.

An FxMed Seminar presented by Dr. Nathan S. Bryan

Learn how to recognize Nitric Oxide deficiency in your patients before the onset and presentation of related disease or symptoms.

Nitric oxide (NO) is one of the most important signaling molecules in our body involved with a host of physiological processes including defense, neuronal communication and the regulation of vascular tone. Loss of NO function is one of the earliest indicators or markers of disease and may manifest early on as sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Clinical studies show that defects of endothelial NO production, is not only associated with all major cardiovascular risk factors such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, smoking and severity of atherosclerosis, but also has a predictive value for future atherosclerotic disease.

This seminar will review clinical studies showing the effects of nitric oxide supplementation on inflammation, sexual function and markers of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Bryan will also discuss how to recognize NO deficiency in patients before the onset and presentation of disease and how NO supplementation may profoundly improve the management of patients through correcting NO homeostasis.

PRESENTER: Dr. Nathan S. Bryan
Dr. Bryan has an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and earned his doctoral degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine where he was the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research. He pursued his post-doctoral
training at Boston University School of Medicine in the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute.

In 2006 Dr. Bryan was recruited to join faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Centre in Houston. During his tenure as Faculty and Independent Investigator at UT, his research focused on drug discovery through screening natural product libraries for active compounds. His nine years at UT led to several discoveries which have resulted in seven issued US patents and nine pending worldwide. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has commercialized his nitric oxide technology through the formation of HumanN Inc (formerly Neogenis Medical) where he is Co-founder and Chief Science Officer.

Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 16 years and has made many discoveries in the field. These discoveries and findings have transformed the development of safe and effective functional bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease and may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic strategies in many chronic diseases. Dr. Bryan has published a number of highly cited papers and authored The Nitric Oxide Solution book. He is an international leader in molecular medicine and natural product chemistry.

26 July 2017

NZST: Live at 12:00-1:00pm. Recording from 5:00pm
*New Zealand Only.

Prenatal Care: Supplementing with the Right Nutrients According to Each Trimester, FREE Webinar

Presented by Nikki Warren

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why there is a need for a separate prenatal supplement for trimester one.
  • Ways to reduce morning sickness.
  • Brief discussion on methylation and the differences in biochemistry of B vitamins.
  • Why there is an increased demand of nutrients in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Ways to reduce the likelihood of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Presenter: Nikki Warren is a degree-qualified naturopath, herbalist and doula who has specialised in fertility for the last 10 years. She is the Chairperson of the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists and founder of NaturoBest, a prenatal and preconception supplement range launched in 2016.

Thur 29 - Fri 30 July 2017

ACNEM AUS TRAINING 2017: Environmental Health

Venue: TBC, Brisbane, Australia

Registration Fees apply, click here to view full list of pricing.

The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is conducting training in Brisbane on 29-30 July.

Training is offered in:
Primary Modules – an introduction and overview of nutritional and environmental medicine within primary care.

Environmental Health – learn to recognise environmental toxins, their effect on human health and how a patient affected by them may present to you in clinical practice.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to interact with ACNEM’s expert presenters, pick their brains regarding valuable clinical experience, and network with like-minded people.

Help your patients cultivate good GI Health with EnteroMend FREE Webinar

Presented by Alan Miller, ND, Executive Director of Medical Education for Thorne Research

For some in depth learning and to hear about all the research behind the ingredients in EnteroMend® for IBS, IBD, Diverticular Disease and other gut conditions such as permeability, we recommend this half hour webinar by Alan Miller.