The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Disruptive technologies are changing the ways we do things—and healthcare is no exception.

We have sourced the best tools from around the globe and brought them to New Zealand to stay on the cutting edge of these developments. We recognise that:

Healthcare is increasingly digital

People want ease of access and more people are accessing healthcare over the internet than ever before.
We provide practitioners the tools they need to support clients remotely.

Toxicity is at an all-time high

Environmental toxins build up in the body, causing harm. With the growing toxic burden comes more complex, chronic health conditions.

Complex health conditions are on the rise

The root causes of chronic health conditions can be difficult to pinpoint. State-of-the-art, science-backed diagnostics and treatment options can highlight foundational health concerns and treat them effectively.

Individuality matters

The one-size-fits-all model of allopathic medicine doesn’t fit well into people’s lives. They want solutions that will work for them.

Health literacy is growing

People are interested in their own unique health pictures. Health literacy continues to grow and people are seeking tools like DNA Testing to better identify and understand their own health needs.

FxMed provides leading tools for functional medicine—the most effective way to explore, prevent, and treat complex health needs.

  • We provide advanced diagnostic tests that are precise, reliable, and effective.
  • We supply the purest, most effective supplements that are evidence-based, bio-available, and made using Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • We educate practitioners to use these tools, so they can help clients get healthier, faster.
  • We continue to adapt to this changing landscape, bringing New Zealand the best of what functional medicine has to offer.