Benefits of Resveratrol

Discovered in grapes and red wine, this super-enzyme is nature’s way of fighting disease. Resveratrol health benefits in humans are numerous and can boost the body’s defences against disease and increase energy levels. Scientists investigating the low instance of heart disease in France began to investigate wine, particularly the Pinot Noir variety – associated with the Burgundy region of the country. This is where they discovered Resveratrol.

Though wines and grapes are perfectly acceptable Resveratrol sources, you would have to consume vast quantities of either in order to ingest the recommended amount of this enzyme. In order to consume the same quantity of resveratrol through wine as you would through a Biotivia capsule, you would need to drink approximately 100 bottles per day !

Trials in animals have shown at least a 31% increase in life expectancy, as well as an increased resistance to some age-related diseases. Customers who have tried Biotivia’s Resveratrol products are delighted with the results, reporting positive effects including increased energy, weight loss and a drop in blood pressure.

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