BodyBio is dedicated to biomedical research. The evolution of the supplements offered from Body- Bio came directly from physicians’ needs for their patients with severe medical disturbances after blood chemistry + CBC and red cell fatty acid testing were performed at the premier laboratory in the US. Biomedical reports which are evidence based and riveted in the medical literature, unlocked the complex world of essential fatty acids with marked improvement in patients’ presentations when the suggested nutrients were adhered to. Fatty acids are in charge, they are the controlling surfaces of our nerves that carry the signals.

Unbalancing the membranes of any cell contributes to a wide array of dysfunction and directly affects the blink of an eye or the wiggle of a toe, let alone the neurological disorders that plague us, especially as we age. Nutrients can make a difference, but the correctness of what we choose is paramount. Balanced electrolytes, liquid trace minerals, fatty acid supplementation as 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 balanced oil, balanced PC, all evolved to support the health and stability of the cell membrane. The membrane is everything.

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