Since 1987, Gaia Herbs has established itself as the leading grower and producer of Certified Organic (COG) medicinal herbs and herbal products. Nestled in a pristine mountain valley in Western North Carolina, the Gaia Herb Farm is one of the largest and most productive commercial medicinal herb farms in the U.S.   They cultivate over 50 crops on 250 acres that are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. As a vertically integrated company, they control every stage of production from organic soil enrichment programs, seed selection, cultivation, and harvesting, to research and analysis for correct harvest time.

Gaia Herbs products are always validated to Full Spectrum Potency which ensures that the entirety of a plant’s unique phytochemical makeup is intact. By extracting a plant’s entire range of beneficial phytochemistries and concentrating them to a predetermined level, the resulting product retains therapeutic chemistry identical to the original plants, yet prepared to a guaranteed potency every time. No herb is every purified or isolated but instead the result is medicine that mirrors nature.

Meet your Herbs – A World First Herb Traceability Program

With knowledge comes empowerment. With empowerment, there is a renewed sense of awareness. And with awareness comes the ability to make healthy choices. This is why Gaia is the only medicinal herb manufacturer that assures you of purity, integrity and potency in their products by allowing you to truly Meet Your Herbs.

Meet your Herbs now goes beyond transparency and traceability, allowing you to truly experience the vibrancy, passion and wonder of your herbs outside of the bottle. Go straight to the source, and take a virtual walk on their farm. Watch as the herbs are planted, cultivated and harvested. Hear the herbs stories—as well as ours—and share your own.

Purity + Integrity = Potency

The process is as important as the end product. The equation above is what defines Gaia Herbs process. These are the pillars that support their beliefs, actions and commitment to providing herbal remedies that offer optimal vitality.

Purity – Each herb must be cultivated in accordance with Nature’s intent.

Integrity – Ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb.

Potency – It is only through dedication to purity and integrity that Gaia Herbs can deliver the powerful effects of each herb.

Liquid Phyto-caps – a patented delivery system

Gaia Herbs changed the face of herbal medicine with the introduction of Liquid Phyto-Caps™, a patented delivery system for liquid extracts. This exclusive technology delivers a concentrated liquid extract in a vegetarian capsule. One Liquid Phyto-Cap™ equals as much as 75 drops of a Gaia Herbs Liquid Extract, which equals as much as 375 drops of other brands’ tinctures. The net result is a much greater therapeutic value and strength at a lower price per milligram.

Herbal Formulas Designed for Kids

Gaiakids formulations are based on clinical experience with kids. Dr. Mary Bove is a well-known, trusted and accomplished Naturopathic Doctor, Midwife, Herbalist, Author, Teacher & Lecturer. Dr. Bove has formulated gaiakids using high quality raw material & with kids health needs specifically in mind.

What makes gaiakids special?

  • All natural – no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners
  • Purity assured – made with certified organic and ecologically harvested herbs
  • Alcohol free – Bases are pure vegetable glycerine or tasty syrups
  • Great taste! – Helps parents with the struggle of getting kids to take their supplements

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