Bonus Episode: Diving into Menopausal HRT

Anna Cabeca

Bonus Episode on DUTCH Podcast

31 October 2023

In this bonus episode of the DUTCH podcast, Dr Jaclyn Smeaton continues her talk with Dr Anna Cabeca to tackle the often-overlooked subject of hormone replenishment during menopause.

Their conversation centres around comprehensive testing and the management of postmenopausal patients, with a particular focus on optimising the HPA axis.

Dr Cabeca shares insights into the precise procedures for testing women before initiating hormone replacement therapy, emphasising the significance of consistency in test timing.  

This episode provides a valuable exploration of the important considerations for healthcare professionals and patients alike in hormone replenishment during menopause.

They discuss the importance of optimising the HPA axis and provide insights into accurate testing procedures while debunking common misconceptions about hormone therapies. 



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