Supplements for Neurological Health

People take supplements to improve or optimize their health. So what happens when you look at the label, and the ingredient list is filled with unrecognizable additives?

What Are Supplements for Neurological Health? 

Studies suggest that diet, exercise, and lifestyle can influence the onset and progression of several neurological conditions, thus your daily routine is strongly associated with your brain health. Nutritional supplements can ensure that you get the nutrients you need to support optimal brain function. 

Tesseract’s supplements for neurological health are formulated with powerful nutrients and an unparalleled delivery system for enhanced absorption and efficacy. The resulting physiological responses support your overall brain health. 

Why Choose Tesseract Supplements for Neurological Health? 

Supplementation with targeted nutrients is a simple way of supporting brain health and overall wellness. But does it actually work? It depends on the supplement. 

Tesseract’s supplements for neurological health have three key benefits that enhance their efficacy, in line with their Three Pillar Approach: 

  • Powerful botanical extracts: Tesseract are pioneers in sourcing powerful botanical extracts that have been conventionally difficult to tolerate due to their objectionable taste and odour. Tesseract’s proprietary CyLoc® matrix masks the unpleasant taste and odour of the active nutrient molecules to ensure the supplement is patient-friendly. 
  • Unrivaled delivery technology: The CyLoc®-DexKey® smart delivery technology encases nutrient molecules, preserves their integrity, and keeps them from breaking down before reaching the desired point in the intestinal tract. 
  • Micro-dosing of nutrients: Unprecedented absorption allows us to formulate our supplements with lower amounts of the active ingredients in a single, highly efficacious capsule to achieve optimal physiological responses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Tesseract’s supplements for neurological health allergen-free? 

Tesseract supplements are hypoallergenic and are free of gluten, nuts, egg, metallic colorants, lactose, stearates, preservatives, and banned substances. 

What are the manufacturing standards associated with Tesseract supplements? 

Tesseract products are tested following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our labs use scientifically-advanced analytical techniques and a well-designed quality control system to formulate supplements of the highest standards. Tesseract products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant environment. 

What are the suggested uses of Tesseract supplements for neurological health? 

Check the product label for the suggested use, or consult with your healthcare practitioner. 

How do I order Tesseract supplements? 

Find all FxMed-stocked Tesseract products available for purchase on our Practitioner Hub 

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